40 years of innovation and knowledge

Keeping up with the newest developments in the market, is essential to providing our customers with the newest and smartest ways to make their jobs easier. Our development department keeps a close eye on the needs we experience from our customers and keep up with customer demand by employing the newest available technologies in our product lineup.Constantly developing and innovating itself, GM Group has been a front runner for the industry for years and has consistently been bringing new and innovative products onto the market.

Consistant development

The pervasive theme has always been to consistently keep developing and improving our products in terms of functionality, durability and price. As a result, our production facilities in Hedensted, Denmark, has grown rapidly to accommodate our product portfolio and to satisfy a demanding world market that continuously requires the highest level of quality in ever-increasing quantities.

  • Flexible and agile production environment.
  • The highest level of quality.
  • The product portfolio ranging from direct buried empty duct systems, to ducts suitable for ploughing, aerial, microtrenching and sewer installation.
  • Wide range of accessories.
  • With us as a partners in your project you are sure to work with the best.

Product portfolio

In this catalogue we are summing up many years of our experiences.


At GM Group, we offer a wide variety of services centered around our product lineups.

  • Product design and optimization.
  • Microtrenching.
  • Ploughing.
  • Directional drilling…and many more

Our experienced staff is ready to assist you with your needs. Please contact us for further information.